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    Yes, you may visit our Gallery in the website for event photos. Photos will be ready for viewing within two to three weeks after the event.

    We support several charities including Operation Blessing http://www.obphil.com/home/ and Color Manila Foundation. You can learn more about these charities in our website.

    • In case of light rain, the event will push through. Only in the following circumstances will the event be cancelled.
    • Signal No. 2 or heavy rains with government announcements not later than the day before the event.
    • Earthquake (intensity 4 and up) occurring from 12:01 AM they day of the event and onwards.
    • Blackout from 12:01 AM the day of the event and onwards.
    • Coup or any violent criminal incident within the Venue area.

    We will have food and drinks concessionaires at the event. Should you choose to bring food and drinks, you may do so. Please help us keep our runs clean and throw your trash in trash bins located all over the Village.

    Yes, you can. We recommend that you put your gadgets in a dry bag or ziplock bag. Do not leave your valuables unattended before, during or after the race. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen property at the race route or in the activity area.

    Yes, should there be any emergencies, there is a medic booth and security personnel in all CM events.

    We want you to keep hydrated. We have several hydration stations in every race category. Trash bins can be found in the hydration areas. Let’s practice a clean run and throw our trash in the bins.

    Yes, it is! You can easily dust it off first and then wash it afterwards. We do not recommend washing it right away – this will make the color powder stick longer! Watch this video to learn more about this

    The color powder we use is food grade powder and is 100% natural and safe. As with any substance, it is best to keep it away from your eyes. However, if you are asthmatic or have trouble breathing in any way, it would be good to consult with your doctor with regard to powder or any strenuous physical activity.

    Yes, we do! Your bib also includes a baggage stub that you can use to leave your stuff at our baggage counters. We will not be liable for losses and damages in your personal belongings.

    Yes! We encourage everyone to use the race kit items provided. We designed the kits specifically for the run – singlets, sunglasses, drawstring bags, and all! Most importantly, bring and wear your race bib. You will be unable to run the race route and to claim the finisher’s items without it. Also, wear sunblock, eat right, and drink lots of water.

    No, our participants can enjoy the run without worrying about their time. We suggest self-timing for those who have a desired finish time.

    CM events have three segments.

    • Part 1: Assembly – Runners gather at the CM Village. Drop your bags at our baggage counter, visit the booths and find a spot for warm-up.
    • Part 2: Gun Start and Run – Get ready to run at the starting line. We will have a countdown until gun start. Be prepared to get wet. A fire truck is situated a few meters from the starting line and will spray water on all of the participants. This will make the colors stick to you. Throughout the route, you can enjoy the color stations and re-hydrate at the hydration stations.
    • Part 3: Color Festival – The program continues once everyone settles back to the activity area. Runners claim their finisher’s medal, color packet, and hydration freebies. We will signal a countdown for everyone to throw color powder up in the air. Everyone then parties and dances to the latest beats played by our DJ.

    You can easily reach us on Facebook via message or through our email address info@colormanila.com

    No, we do not issue refunds. It’s best to make sure that you’re all set before completing your registration.

    If you were able to complete the payment section of your registration but did not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, just send us an email at info@colormanila.com or message us at Color Manila Run and we will resend your confirmation email.

    You can send someone to claim your kit for you. Just make sure he/she has the following items: your confirmation email, authorization letter, your valid ID, and claimant’s ID. Soft copies will do for the confirmation email.

    Delivery of kits are done at least one to two weeks before the event. Early registration and availment of the delivery service allows you to bypass claiming your kit at the kit claiming venue.

    We offer race kit delivery options on Metro Manila-based events and selected provincial events. This service is only available to those who registered online. If you registered using a prepaid card or SM Tickets, you should claim your race kit in your selected race kit claiming venue. Make sure to accurately indicate your address upon registration to ensure kit receipt.

    Some of our events have early bird promos. To check out which events these are, go to our Facebook page Color Manila Run or our website colormanila.com.

    Yes, you may. We have a group registration option available for Paypal and credit card payments. Just select group registration when registering. For prepaid card and SM Ticket payment, you can use single registration and register your friends one at a time.

    Definitely! Our runs are family-friendly and you can bring your whole family including your young ones.
    And guess what? For all CM morning runs, kids run for FREE! This does not apply to CM Blacklight.

    Kids/Children until 7 years old. Should be accompanied by a registered parent or guardian for the said event.

    Parent/Guardian will register them at the onsite kit claiming venue (Customer Support Desk). Parent/Guardian must:
    a) present proof of age of the child (valid ID, birth certificate, etc.) and
    b) fill up the Waiver and Release Agreement and submit to CM personnel

    Kids will receive a CM event Race Bib only. No complete race kit shall be given and they will not be allowed to claim a finisher’s medal. They may, however, claim hydration and a color packet.
    All Race Bibs will be marked to identify the runners as KIDS. They are not transferable to other runners, both adults or kids.

    All kids registered for this can only join 3K distance. Kids will not be permitted to cover 5K and 10K distances.

    Parents and guardians must keep in mind that there will be thousands of runners attending the event, so make sure that your kids remain with you at all times.

    No, we cannot upgrade your race kit after the transaction is processed. Should you wish to get another race kit, you may register again.

    It means that your preferred singlet/shirt size or race category is no longer available. Registration is on a first come first serve basis, so it is best to register early to secure your preferred size and category.

    All details entered during registration is final. Should you have special requests, you can email us at info@colormanila.com. All requests for changes must be done two (2) weeks prior to the event day. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your request.

    No. Group Registration can only be transacted through Paypal/Credit Card/Debit Card.

    You can use one email to register a group of up to five members only. Just select Group Registration when you begin.

    Make sure that you selected a race kit claiming venue schedule. It is located on the right side of the “Race Kit Inclusions” page. The field where you can enter the code will be displayed in the next page of the registration process.

    Send us an email at info@colormanila.com and include a photo of your prepaid card and receipt so we can assist you further. Make sure to type in the correct code from your prepaid card.

    Make sure to encode the 8-digit code (#12345678) found on your ticket. But when you do, omit the # and just type the numbers (12345678). If the problem persists, kindly send us an email at info@colormanila.com including a photo of your SM Ticket and your receipt so we can assist you further.

    No. Buying a ticket doesn’t guarantee a slot yet. You need to register your ticket at active.com.

    Registration is open until there are slots available for your category and there are race kits available for your chosen design and size so it is best to register early. Doing so will ensure that you are able to select your preferred singlet/shirt size and that you are able to join your preferred race category.

    There are three ways to register:
    By Credit Card/Debit Card or Paypal through the website.

    1. Go to the Color Manila website colormanila.com, read the event details, and click the register button. You will be re-directed to active.com for the registration process.
    2. Create an account and fill out all the details accurately.
    3. Select your preferred race category and race kit.
    4. Select your preferred pick up mode, either during race kit claiming or delivery.
    5. Proceed to purchase through Paypal. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.
    6. If you chose to have the race kit delivered, please expect the kit to be delivered 1 to 2 weeks before event day.
    7. If you chose to claim the kits, please keep visiting our website or Facebook Page for race kit claiming schedules.

    By SM Ticket at any SM Cinema booth nationwide

    1. Purchase a ticket at SM Tickets.
    2. Create an account in the website, choose your race category and race kit, select your race kit claiming schedule, then proceed to enter the code found in your SM Tickets stub.
    3. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.
    4. For all SM Tickets, you need to claim your kit during your selected race kit claiming schedule. Please keep visiting our website or Facebook Page for the race kit claiming schedules.

    By Prepaid Card

    1. Purchase a Prepaid Card from any of our partner establishments. (refer to info sheet for list of partner stores and list them down as this is event specific)
    2. Create an account in the website, choose your selected race category and race kit, select your race kit claiming schedule, then proceed to enter the code found in your Prepaid Card.
    3. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.
    4. For all Prepaid Cards, you need to claim your kit during your selected race kit claiming schedule. Please keep visiting our website or Facebook Page for the race kit claiming schedules.

    1. Everyone who joins CM Challenge Manila will automatically avail a CM Loyalty Card with its first stamp.

    2. Cards will be given upon receiving their medal, where they should also write their name on the card.

    3. The Loyalty Card is valid for all CM Events before March 31, 2018.

    4. Stamping of cards are accepted during kit claiming. Color Manila WILL NOT stamp any cards during race day.

    5. Runners get a GC worth 500 on their 3rd CM Event.

    6. Redemption of Color Manila GC will be done during kit claiming on the 3rd joined race.

    7. Get a FREE Deluxe Kit for any CM Event on your 5th stamp.

    8. Runners should Email a photo of their fully accomplished card and send to loyalty@colormanila.com for verification.

    9. Once verified, runner will recieve a promo code from CM, which he/she may register for the upcoming events.

    10. Runner must surrender card with proper identification, during kit claiming.

    11. Damaged or tampered cards will not be honored.