Founded in 2012, ColorManila pioneered the concept of colorful fun runs in the Philippines. With five concepts of fun runs, CM Classic, CM Challenge, CM Blacklight, CM Marathon, CM Glitter and CM Costume, we continuously spread the excitement and fun in running one city at a time.

CM Classic

Begin clean and end up a masterpiece with a rainbow of colors from head to toe. This non-competitive race encourages all runners to run at their own pace, throw high-fives to people and carry all the colors of their experiences!

CM Challenge

Do you have what it takes to complete this challenge? Join the biggest obstacle fun run in the Philippines and show off your discipline, hard work, determination and perseverance. This course will challenge both your body and your mind. Hop through tires, traverse a maze of lines and climb fortresses. We put every thought into making this obstacle course unique, safe and fun.

CM Blacklight

Held under the cover of the moon and stars, you will be pumped up with glow-in-the-dark neon color bursts, neon face paint and blacklight to illuminate you at your brightest. Run and enjoy the city lights while wearing your headlamp and race gear. After getting through the finish line, you’ll be dancing the night away to the latest beats! We will light up the night like thousands of fireflies invading the metro. One move, one dazzling night run!

CM Glitter

This wonderful fun run will find you covered in color and sparkly, shiny glitter! Who knows how many new people you will meet and what color you’ll end up wearing at the finish line!

CM Costume

You will be dressed to fascinate in this unique costume fun run. We welcome all from superheroes to fairies, leopards to pirates. And of course, this run will not be complete without the accompanying color bursts that will drench you in a rainbow from head to toe.