Dear Challengers,

We are very much grateful for the support you have given to CM Challenge Davao and it is with great regret and despair that we couldn’t stage the sold-out event on our promised date due to unfavorable circumstances. We understand all the frustrations and inconveniences you have to go through and for that we extend our sincerest apologies.

Despite all that transpired, nothing is ever challenging enough to break our commitment in providing fun and colorful memories to you. We want to express our warmest gratitude for your patience this past few weeks as we work on ways to turn things around and make it up to you in the best possible way we can.

We have prepared three opportunities for you because as a Color Manila runner, you deserve better:

Option 1: Join us on the rescheduled date for CM Challenge Davao on Sunday, October 21, 2018 at SM Lanang Premier. You get to take up the challenge and experience all the fun, festivities, and colors truly unfold AND you will receive a Php500 worth of CM Lifestyle gift certificate for FREE.

Option 2: You may opt to have 50% of your registration fee refunded. You also get to keep your CM Challenge Davao kit.

Option 3: You may return your CM Challenge Davao kit and get a full refund.

Instructions on how to avail of each option as well as further details will be announced soon. For now, please let us know your thoughts by filling out the form below.


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